(Ruthless) Retrospectives for true business agility

Business Agility

#Retrospectives are not just an “#Agile avatar” of the traditional phase end lessons learned processes. They are a core practice of agility. This is what separates the winners from the losers. Those that achieve true business agility and those that don’t. However they are not easy. Too often, especially in large enterprises and programs, they are […]

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Systems Modeling in complex systems – A Journey from Complexity to Simplicity


Systemic problems in enterprises typically involve multiple goals, conflicts and many possible actions that could be considered to resolve them. They would fall in the complex category if we will use the Cynefin framework. The number of interacting sub systems and their interactions are typically so large that it’s almost impossible to draw a cause […]

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Agile Project Management in an eGovernance Project

Amazing case study of Agile Project Management in an eGovernance Project. The key success factors in this are similar to the case study from GE (http://hrishikeshkarekar.com/2014/04/making-refrigerator-lean-start-up-and-agile/) Fundamental changes are needed to bring in agility. Things need to be done differently. The big areas to focus and make changes in the GE pilot were Supplier relations, […]

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