Leading People through an Agile Transformation – Concrete steps you can take as a Leader


The article was first published on LinkedIn Organisational change has always been a challenging task. The process of starting something new often leads to uncertainty and insecurity. More so, when the end state after the change is not fully comprehended. This is often the case in large scale enterprise #agile transformations. Leading #people through such […]

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Don’t just Lead Change. Accelerate !

Leading Change : Why Transformation Efforts Fail by Dr John Kotter is seminal work in the field of change management. It put forth a step by step guide of what to do if we want lasting change. However is step by step really good? Step by step approach is fundamentally linear thinking in a deterministic […]

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Attitude reflects Leadership

Do you remember this scene from the epic movie “Remember the Titans” ? The captain and the vice-captain are discussing their team. The captain expresses his displeasure at the way the vice-captain’s team mates are not contributing at practice. The vice captain then goes on to say the now famous line – “Attitude reflects leadership […]

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