8 Goals to aspire for with Kanban

Kanban popularity is on the rise these days in software development. But why do we want to use it anyways? What would be the goals that anyone would like to set when they embark on this journey of continuous improvement using Kanban. David Anderson summarizes this excellently in the form of 8 goals to aspire for with […]

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Amdocs CES 9 improves Net Promoter Score for CSPs

Net Promoter score or NPS® is an approach to gauging customer loyalty and is increasingly being employed by companies as an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction surveys. Introduced by Reichheld in the 2003 Harvard Business Review article “One Number You Need to Grow“, the wider adoption of Net Promoter Score is mainly attributed to its simplicity. Net […]

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Meetings I love to attend !!

If the title of the post motivated you to read further, more likely than not, you have had your share of meetings which bored you to death. Either you were one of the organizers or the participants, but the way typical meetings are run, its a drag for many. Too often, meetings are driven by presentations. They […]

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