Agile Project Management in an eGovernance Project

Amazing case study of Agile Project Management in an eGovernance Project.

The key success factors in this are similar to the case study from GE (

Fundamental changes are needed to bring in agility. Things need to be done differently.

The big areas to focus and make changes in the GE pilot were Supplier relations, Finance and Leadership roles and responsibilities. The big areas this government project focused on are similar. They changed the way the engage their vendors, they changed the way the project is financed and tracked ; and most important changed the way its delivered by bringing in DevOps culture.

They also built a shared vision with the customer (Government) which is a key and did demos to the customer stakeholders (Administrative Secretaries).

To quote from the case study “Here we had to give a series of demonstrations to most Administrative Secretaries and show them that this was worth building upon. The demos played a critical part when the project came up for discussions in the high-level committees. The stakeholders had something to relate to, instead of just papers written up to convince them. Neither the beginning nor the big-approval would’ve been possible if the leaders weren’t deeply positive and already yearning for something like this. Having such progressive leaders is a fundamental pre-requisite to even start off anything like this.”

As we see in the last line, they key is also progressive leaders who are willing to “dare” to do fundamental changes and go for something big “
Absolutely outstanding.
Case study : Agile Project Management in an eGovernance Project

Lots of lessons to be learned from these case studies for large scale transformation projects.

Hrishikesh Karekar

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