What Enterprises want when they bring an Agile Coach onboard

More and more enterprises want to be #Agile. It is viewed as “the way” to deliver value to their customers. What they are actually looking for is something more fundamental – they want to do more for less. The goals are better profitability, sustaining the business, delighting customers and getting an edge over the competition. […]

Business Agility

(Ruthless) Retrospectives for true business agility

#Retrospectives are not just an “#Agile avatar” of the traditional phase end lessons learned processes. They are a core practice of agility. This is what separates the winners from the losers. Those that achieve true business agility and those that don’t. However they are not easy. Too often, especially in large enterprises and programs, they are […]


Let’s FLIP it: Gamification to Drive Scrum Practice Adoption

(Note: The article was first published on http://www.observationpointblog.com ) #Scrum is by far the most popular #agile methodology. But it requires a specific set of conditions and practices that can be hard to align in agile adoption on an enterprise level. When there are tens of teams involved in a transformation, each team with its […]

Feature Fitment Factor – Knowing if your sprint length is optimum

Organizations that have just embarked on the #Agile or rather specifically #Scrum journey often struggle to decide the right duration of the #sprint for them. Typically 1-4 weeks is the general recommendation. This decision is rather tricky as there are several factors at play. Two weeks sounds a great idea in terms of early feedback […]

Agile Mode of Delivery for Any Scale of Transformation

(Note: The article was first published on http://www.observationpointblog.com ) With the fast pace of change in the communications industry, telecom operators need to adapt at lightning speed to stay ahead of the game and serve their customers better. However the pace of change is so fast, that the operators find themselves in a constant state […]

Business agility needs Technical agility

Too often you hear teams that crib – #agile does not work for them. They are getting the same results as waterfall or actually they are worse off than before. When you talk to them and dig deeper, more often it would turn out they are focusing primarily on planning/process improvements – refining their Scrum, […]

How useful is a Requirement Traceability matrix with US in a hybrid agile ecosystem

Recently I have too often been asked the question how do we do requirement traceability during Agile development. More often these questions arise in large transformation service delivery projects, especially those that originate from a RFP/RFI kind of process. These have requirements specified upfront for which the vendor provided a compliance matrix for and agreed […]


Systems Modeling in complex systems – A Journey from Complexity to Simplicity

Systemic problems in enterprises typically involve multiple goals, conflicts and many possible actions that could be considered to resolve them. They would fall in the complex category if we will use the Cynefin framework. The number of interacting sub systems and their interactions are typically so large that it’s almost impossible to draw a cause […]

Don’t just Lead Change. Accelerate !

Leading Change : Why Transformation Efforts Fail by Dr John Kotter is seminal work in the field of change management. It put forth a step by step guide of what to do if we want lasting change. However is step by step really good? Step by step approach is fundamentally linear thinking in a deterministic […]