Lean not flat organizational structures are the way to self organization

The article was first published on linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/lean-flat-organizational-structures-way-self-hrishikesh-karekar/ Also published on : https://www.bbntimes.com/en/technology/lean-organizational-structures-are-the-way-to-self-organization Agile is the new silver bullet, the savior for many a project in crisis. The Agile manifesto lays great emphasis on self organization when one of the principles states – The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams. Indeed, a motivated team […]

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The dawn of the thinking machines

Published on : https://www.bbntimes.com/en/technology/artificial-intelligence-the-dawn-of-the-thinking-machines The recent news from Facebook about shutting down its AI system that developed a language of its own opened up the debate again about the “existential threat” that AI brings to our world. A similar news came a few months ago from Google. Google AI translation tool invented its own internal language. For the layman […]

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Leading People through an Agile Transformation – Concrete steps you can take as a Leader

The article was first published on LinkedIn Organisational change has always been a challenging task. The process of starting something new often leads to uncertainty and insecurity. More so, when the end state after the change is not fully comprehended. This is often the case in large scale enterprise #agile transformations. Leading #people through such […]

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